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Leadership Nugget #1 

With the world ever-changing before our eyes, how did you conduct self-care this week? 

I am reminded of a simple yet powerful illustration of a starving baker. Picture it; the individual baker is working in their bakery shop:

  • Kneading the dough

  • Serving guests

  • Checking customers out

  • Removing bread from the oven

  • Taking orders

  • Cleaning the bakery

  • Taking online orders

Yet, the individual continues to become thinner and thinner. What is ironic, they are the baker, the person meeting the needs of everyone else, but themselves.


Though I commend the phenomenal job with responding greatly the needed demands of the week, as a time for reflection, how did you self care this week?


I gave an analogy to my teammates this week of the important message of the flight attendant, during their introduction emergency demonstration speech.


“In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, the oxygen mask will fall from the ceiling. Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others”


Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others


It can sound selfish but it is the most selfless act one can do. Leaders must feed themselves before they feed others.


For me, I kept my doctor’s appointment and he confirmed that after 10 months, my blood pressure was in the appropriate range for healthy living. Notice, I said, after a year of neglect being superwoman, I have spent 10 months increasing and adjusting medication to regulate high blood pressure at  a point of it skyrocketing to 150/101.


Though serving my staff, students, community and school, 10 months later and 2 pills later, it’s back to normal range. What if, while serving, leading and visiting schools and monitoring data, I would have stopped and done a self-care check.


Take a minute to post your thoughts on our optional padlet on ways to practice self-care with you and your staff.

(once on the site, click on the pink + (Plus) and post your thoughts)

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